Benchmarking SSD with MongoDB and CouchDB, Part 3

I’m still waiting for the Firewire adapter to arrive. The first order got lost, the second order was canceled, and the third order has not yet arrived. Thanks to Amazon I got my money back without any problems. Therefore, I decided to ignore the Mac OS X for the moment. In addition to the OCZ and ADATA SSD, I’ve also got a Western Digital VelociRaptor hard disk:

Before moving on to benchmarking MongoDB and CouchDB, I did some tests using different filesystems. In Part 2 the BrtFS did not perform that well on SSD, so I re-ran the tests using the SSD and the hard disk.

Zooming into the diagram, restricting to 4096 bytes per block

While BtrFS performance comparable to ext4 on a hard disk, it seems to be a lot slower on SSD. xfs is even faster than ext4, so I’m looking forward to see, if there is any performance impact on MongoDB or CouchDB.

To be continued … here