NoSQL matters 2012

On May 29-30, NoSQL matters 2012, an international NoSQL-conference will take place in Cologne (Germany). The event is supposed to give pioneers in the field an opportunity to present recent innovations in the dynamic field of large, scalable, high-performance databases.

The presentations cover the big NoSQL-topics, like Riak, MongoDB, Hadoop, Redis or CouchDB and shed a light upon the challenges, NoSQL will face in the following years!

Some of the talks are:

– Olaf Bachmann – Why is Google going back to SQL?

– Bernd Ocklin – MySQL Cluster: Scaling to Billion Database Queries per Minute

– Salvatore Sanfilippo – The new Redis 2.6

– Jan Lenhardt – How Couchbase works under the hood

– Jonathan Ellis – Changes at Apache’s Cassandra

– Doug Judd – Scalable NoSQL – Past, Present, and Future

So, if you don’t know what you’ll be doing by the end of May, you could come to NoSQL matters 😉

For more information, check our website:


We’re looking forward to seeing you in Cologne!

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